pirate-in-a-chair.jpgIn the 16th to 18th centuries illustrations of famous pirates often portrayed  them wearing expensive, flamboyant garments. Perhaps because the first pirate boarding a prize vessel was rewarded with the best choice of clothes.

Throughout the Golden Age of Piracy, there were few captains more flamboyant than Jack Rackham. Called “Calico Jack” due to his flashy dress, his short career was marked wit daring and bravery.

Other notorious flamboyant pirates be Bartholomew Robert, Captain Kidd, Thomas Tew and Henry Avery. 

Antilles Trading Company dresses many of the Florida Pirate Crews.  Weather ye be Captain or Crew.  Our clothing items be worn to events, festivals, merry makin' or general cavortin'.  Many clothing items can be dual use, for those with a daring pirate spirit, they can be worn everyday.