About Us

The Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum offers an exciting experience for history lovers that romanticize the sea.  With over 350 artifacts you will be transported back in time to understand how seadogs and pirates lived, worked, fought, and sought their fortunes. The interactive exhibits feature animatronics and hands on displays. With fun for all ages, there is plenty to do for the little buccaneers. Fire the Cannon, find Davie Jones beating heart and embark on a valiant quest to find pirates booty with the museum's scavenger hunt.
atc-store.pngSince 2017 the Antilles Trading Company Store and Website has catered to freebooters and gentlepeople alike.  Tempting you mercilessly with the finest in maritime items, well-appointed clothing, refined nautical furnishing as well as a grand collection of meticulously curated treasures.  While you are here visit Blackbeard's Closet of Curiosities to shop strange & unusual curiosities & oddities.  Enjoy your adventure-- and visit us often, as we're always adding items from our latest excursions!