Museum Mission Statement

At the Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum, our mission is to transport guests into the captivating world of maritime history, fostering an immersive experience that educates, entertains, and inspires. We cater to enthusiasts of all ages, history buffs, families, and adventure seekers who share a passion for the high seas and the thrilling tales of pirates.  Our visitors include residents, pirate crew members, tourists, and educational institutions seeking an engaging and enriching exploration of maritime history. Our goal is to provide a dynamic and educational journey, offering an in-depth understanding of maritime history, piracy, and the impact these tales have had on shaping our world. By combining historical accuracy with interactive exhibits, we aim to foster a love for learning while preserving and sharing the rich heritage of seafaring adventures. 

  1. Interactive Exhibits: We engage visitors with hands-on experiences, allowing them to explore the artifacts, weaponry, and navigational tools used by pirates of the past.

  2. Educational Programs: Offer tailored programs for schools and educational institutions to enhance learning curriculums, providing a unique and memorable way to delve into history.

  3. Thematic Events: Host special events, pirate events, and themed evenings to create a vibrant and entertaining atmosphere for visitors.

  4. Tours and Guided Walkthroughs: By appointment provide guided tours led by knowledgeable staff, offering detailed insights into the exhibits and historical context.

Through these services, the Pirate Museum aspires to be a beacon for learning, fostering a love for history and the maritime world, while creating lasting memories for all who dare to embark on this seafaring adventure with us.

Meet the Museum Director;

Jackie Hoover, hailing from Cocoa, Florida, is the Owner and Curator of the Antilles Trading Company Pirate Museum. Her fascination with pirate history, cultivated from a young age, seamlessly integrates with her extensive sailing experiences through bareboat charters in the Caribbean. Beyond her role as a curator, Jackie is a prominent writer for Pirate Nation Magazine and serves as the History Coxswain for Thee Leviathan Pirate Crew, showcasing her deep commitment to the pirate community.

Armed with an MBA from Trinity College and University, where she also pursued a minor in Information Technology, Jackie's versatile expertise extends to education through defense contracts. For over a decade, Jackie played a pivotal role in creating the IT curriculum and instructing students at Air Force Space Command Headquarters. Her dedication to the field earned her a defense contract, allowing her to provide essential IT services not only across the United States but also globally. As the President and co-owner of On Target Enterprises, her leadership is instrumental in managing defense contracts, particularly in the realm of patented RF system technologies, solidifying her position as a multifaceted professional showcasing her ability to seamlessly integrate her passions and skills and making her a dynamic and influential figure in both the historical and technological realms.

Jackie is expanding her expertise as she is currently enrolled in Museum Studies at Harvard University. Her dedication to preserving and showcasing pirate history now aligns with an academic focus on museum curation and operations.


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