Bosun Pants

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Bosun Pants

Product Description

Did you know that the Bosun was one of the most important members of the ship? A Bosun's job would generally be right beneath the Quartermaster or sometimes if the crew was small enough they'd take the responsibilities of the Quartermaster. So in that case he'd roughly be second in command and would relay Captain's orders, administer punishments, and distributed things such as rations, prize, powder and work. But the true job of a Bosun, especially if there was a Quartermaster in place, would be being in charge of anchor, deck crew, cordage, and while the ship was docked; rigging.

So what better way to dress like a pirate than to dress like a Bosun specifically? These are what we call our 'Bosun Pants', they are breeches made from 100% slub cotton complete with a drawstring tie around the waist, drawstring ties around the bottoms to tie tighter to the knee, and pockets. They're very lightweight so they're comfortable to wear while you're out docking the ship or even just to wear casually for when your ship gets washed up onto a random island in the middle of the sea. People also like to wear them for colonial or steampunk fashion, a stroll around town, and sometimes even as pajamas. Can be worn by both men or women.

They come in black or brown, are a one size fits all but they both stretch and, with the drawstring, tighten! And did I mention they have pockets!? Look for the Bosun socks listing in our shop to complete your look.

The Bosun Pants that have the buttons are decorative only, the buttons have no function. 

You can also wear the Bosun pants as a captain, but don't forget, not everyone needs to be captain.