18th Century Rattail Ottoman Miquelet

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18th Century Rattail Ottoman Miquelet

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While most Ottoman flintlock pistols are amazing works of art, the "Rat Tail" pistol is unique in many ways. Using a Miquelet Lock mechanism and having a long, slender handle, these are truly unique weapons and were many times used by Barbary Pirates. Designed to be worn in a sash around one's waist, the weapon is very streamlined in appearance. It has some ornate brass fittings on the grip and the tail and quite attractive. This example remains in fair condition given how well used these firearms tended to be. This will definitely be a head turner in your collection. Brass sheeting with decorative engraving over a wood core stock. The pistol is in its original flintlock configuration. Missing the ramrod. Makers marks on the barrel.
 Non fireable due to age. 21"x2.5"x6"