Pirate Tall Ship Hammock

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Pirate Tall Ship Hammock

Product Description

Avast Ye! Thar be a traditional tall ship hammock to add to your pirate ship, sailboat, backyard, bedroom, den, camping equipment.

Hammocks were developed by native inhabitants of Central and South America for sleeping. Later, they were used aboard ships by sailors to enable comfort and maximize available space, and by explorers or soldiers travelling in wooded regions.

In Pirate Ships a traditional hammock is a piece of canvas hung by use of clews from which they were suspended under the deck. Most ships of brigantine size or larger had space known as a berthing deck where the crew slung their hammocks. Hammocks had to be stowed when not in use. Particularly on smaller ships where space was at a premium, this was the first duty of a crew member upon waking. During battle, hammocks would be rolled, netted, covered with hammock cloths to keep them from getting wet and stowed under the railings as a barricade against pistol and musket fire.

Made of durable canvas and rope and the total length is 108 inches. The cloth sleeping area is 40 wide x 78 long.