Antilles Corset Care Tips! ☠

Feb 1st 2020

Corset Care Tips

* Store corsets hanging lace side up on hangers to evenly distribute weight or drape it over the back of a chair lace side up
* Corsets are dry clean only
* Spray your corset with a mixture of vodka and water to maintain freshness (Vodka dries odorless)
* Switch out your corset (you don’t want to wear the same one every day)
* Spray with Fabreeze for a fresh scent
* You can use spot cleaners to save yourself some trips to the dry cleaners
* Be sure to wear either a camisole or corset cover to keep corsets from being in direct contact with your skin, it will keep them clean longer

* Always be sure to loosen the back of your corset before putting on or removing your corsets.