In Store Museum Update! ☠

Feb 1st 2020

Pardon Our Dust, Exciting Changes Are In The Works!Currently our museum is closed and under construction, but you are still more than welcome to visit the shop!Our estimated re-open time for the museu … read more

Antilles Corset Care Tips! ☠

Feb 1st 2020

Corset Care Tips* Store corsets hanging lace side up on hangers to evenly distribute weight or drape it over the back of a chair lace side up * Corsets are dry clean only * Spray your corset with a … read more

Shipping! ☠

Jan 2nd 2019

Hello!Here is how our Standard Shipping is calculated;From $0.00 to $19.99 shipping would be $5.95From $20.00 to $39.99 shipping would be $7.95From $40.00 to $59.99 shipping would be $9.95From $60.00 … read more

Welcome To Our Shop!

Dec 15th 2018

Currently the store's website is under construction, but we will be ready to launch very soon! Until then, feel free to get familiar with the website! ☠