Vintage North African Bedouin White Metal and Glass Necklace

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Vintage North African Bedouin White Metal and Glass Necklace

Product Description

What a wonderful, ethnic, vintage necklace! The large vintage pendants on this tribal jewelry necklace were handcrafted by the nomadic Afghan Kuchi tribe of Central Asia. The 3 good-sized pendants are adorned with exotic symbols with colorful beads, and a fringe of clattering bell chains. Kuchi jewelry often include dangles of some sort. They are worn with the belief that the jingle from the dangles will ward off evil.

The pendants are interspersed with multi-strands of blue and red beads. The 2 pendents measure 2 wide x 2 1/2 tall. The center pendent is 3 1/4 wide x 2 1/2 tall.

These are old Afghan Kuchi pendants, and not new replicas.

Some wear patterns and a warm age patina remain after decades of time. Please keep in mind that this is a vintage item that was made by a tribal artist under primitive conditions. Ethnic jewelry of this type is somewhat primitive in nature and rarely perfect, but that being said, this one is in very good condition.

The Kuchi are a nomadic group of people, who for centuries traveled freely across international boundaries in the Middle East and Central Asia. Historically the Kuchi were the primary merchants along the old trade routes of the vast region. The Kuchi are renowned for their vibrant energy, exuberant colors, and creative spirit in clothing and jewelry.