Stripe Black/White Bloomers

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Stripe Black/White Bloomers

Product Description

The term bloomer derived from a women's rights activist in the 1800's Amelia Jenks Bloomer, women used to wear bloomers up until the late 1910's where they went out of style as skirts started to become shorter. But, you can still make a statement today with the comfortable cotton bloomers. The waistband comes with both elastic and drawstring to create a comfortable fit. They are a great clothing accessory for any occasion! You can wear these for a great classic pirate look, to spice up your Victorian fashion, accessorized with some goggles and a top hat to give your Steampunk look some pizzazz, or even wear them casual.

Size  Waist    Length

XS      28"      36.5"
S        30"      36.5"
M        31"       37"
L         35"       38"
XL       41"       38"
2X       42"       39"