Seafaring Women

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Seafaring Women

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"For centuries, the sea has been regarded as an exclusively male domain, but in the enthralling book, maritime historian David Cordingly shows that an astonishing number of women have answered the ocean's hypnotic call. Some earned their keep in plunder as sword wielding pirates; some traveled as the wives or mistresses of captains or were smuggled aboard by officers or seamen; some even dressed in men's clothing and worked alongside sailors for months, even years, without revealing their sex. Cordingly also vividly recounts legends of sultry sirens, stories of dedicated lighthouse keepers, and heartwarming tales of wives and mistresses who waited patiently for their men to return safely from the sea. A landmark work of women's history as well as a spectacularly entertaining collection of true stories, Seafaring Women will surprise and delight."

-Book's synopsis