Persian Steel Kulah Khud, 18th Century

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Persian Steel Kulah Khud, 18th Century

Product Description

This is a very fine quality Kulah-Khud that very likely belonged to an Indo-Persian Nobleman. It is hand crafted crafted out of a hemispherical steel plate with a spike final that is attached to the top of the helmet via three nails. It also features two plume-holders (one on each side), attached via nails. The plumes would be inserted in the holders and were made out of ornately colored horse hair. At the front of the helmet is a nose-guard. Towards the rear is a beautifully preserved neck-defence chain-mail crafted out of rounded links. Some of the links loosened and let go of the chain mail but could easily be put back on. The skull is beautifully decorated over its entire surface with Persian Warrior and their horses. Some surface rust that could easily be removed. The workmanship on this helmet which was done by hand is incredible.

11 inches high by 7 7/8 inches wide and 8 1/4 inches deep.