Historic Ships by Rupert Sargent Holland

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Historic Ships by Rupert Sargent Holland

Product Description

Do you love the lore of the sea? "Historic Ships" by Rupert Sargent Holland is a detailed book of the history of ships and sailing.

1926; Macrae Smith Company; Philadelphia.

The book features both black & white and full-page color illustrations by Manning DeV Lee.Contents are as follows: I. Ships of the Ancient World II. Viking Voyages to America III. Barbary Pirates IV. The Portuguese Explorers V. The Argosies and Pageants of Venice VI. The Caravels of Columbus VII. The First Ship to Sail Around the World VIII. Discoverers in the New World IX. The Great Harry X. English Adventures XI. The Spanish Armada XII. The Mayflower XIII. Dutch Ships XIV. Tall East Indiamen XV. Ships of the American Colonies and Republic XVI. Buccaneers of the Atlantic Coast XVII. The Victory: A Ship-of-the-Line XVIII. The North Atlantic Packets XIX. "Old Ironsides": The Frigate Constitution XX. Ships in Eastern Seas XXI. "Thar She Blows!" The Whaler XXII. The Darling of the Seas: The Clipper Ship XXIII. Warriors of the Deep XXIV. Ships of Various Types XXV. Ships of the Modern World