Halloween At The Pirate Museum! ☠

Oct 8th 2020

Be bringin' the Sprogs to the Pirate Museum for Halloween.

Kids enjoy free admission to the Pirate Museum in da month of October, when they come in costume. Not only do they receive free admission (1 child per paying adult) but they also be receiven’ a treasure booty bag with candy and a prize. Thar be plenty to do for the little buccaneers. Fire the Cannon, be findin' Davie Jones beatin' heart and embark on a valiant quest to find pirates booty with the museum's scavenger hunt. With over 350 artifacts the Adult Wenches and Sea Dogs be havin' a good time and be learnin' bout Pirates also.
But wait there be more fortune to be had. Adults that dress up be gettin’ 10% off their museum tickets.
We are still following Covid guidelines. Ye must wear a mask and we be sanitizing regularly. Come join us, ye all be invited to join the fray.